Agi advances its governance and announces new CEO

Following the best Corporate Governance practices, Agi announces the transition of Marciano Testa, current CEO, founder and controlling shareholder, to the position of Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. Following this, the position of CEO is taken by Glauber Correa, partner and, until now, Chief Business Officer. The process of succession has been planned for a few months and has the goal of reinforcing the institution’s management.

“We had an impressive growth throughout this year, regarding our client base, expansion of smart hubs, as well as our high-quality assets, which have brought Agi to a new level. As such, we decided to strengthen the governance as we delegate the position of CEO to someone with resolute leadership skills, discipline and commitment to results, who represents very well our culture and reinforces our client-centered omnichannel digital bank business model”, comments Marciano Testa. “As Executive Chairman, I will have a relevant role at Agi, focused on institutional relationships, in communication with the market, strategy and as a sponsor for our culture.”

Glauber Correa joined Agi in 2017 and has over 20 years of experience in the financial market. Has a Master’s Degree in Corporate Finances from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, MBA in Finance from Universidade Nove de Julho, participated in Singularity’s Executive Program in the Silicon Valley, as well as being graduated in Engineering and IT. “I take on this role fully conscious of the challenges ahead and with the promise of contributing every day to make the lives of our customers and our people better”, Glauber adds.

This change is another important milestone in the evolution of the business and reiterates Agi’s purpose of democratizing the access to financial and non-financial products and services to millions of Brazilians, offering solutions to a public not assisted by traditional banks and other neobanks.

From now on, Glauber Correa, Agi’s CEO, becomes responsible for managing Agibank and all subsidiary companies, while Marciano Testa remains exclusively as controlling shareholder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. It’s worth highlighting that this change is pending approval by the regulatory bodies.