Agi Releases its 4Q21 Results

Agi hits credit origination record in 2021 reaching R$10,3 bn, a 195% increase.

Gross Credit Portfolio reached R$6,5 bn, increase of 190.4%, and payroll credit goes up 387.7%


Campinas, March 2022. Agi hit record credit origination in 2021, reaching  R$10,3 bn, which represents an increase of 195.9% compared to 2020. The gross credit portfolio reached R$6,5 bn, advancing 190.4%. Total revenues grew 44.9%, up to R$2,069 bn. This growth was driven specially by the revenue from financial intermediation and services.

The numbers were reached thanks to the buildup of an even more resilient portfolio that, together with a well-defined strategy of Assets and Liabilities Management, took Agi to a new level of revenue generation, level of spreads, product quality and giving access to ever lower funding costs in the long term.

“The word that best defines the year of 2021 is growth. With a profound analysis of the scenario that we were at in the beginning of last year, allied to a capital increase provided by Vinci Partners, we decided to accelerate the initiatives which would warrant us a position of higher sustainability and consistency of results over the next years.”  Comments Thiago Silva, Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer at Agi.

Revenue from financial intermediation reached R$1,931 billion in 2021, which represents an advance of 42.7% compared to 2020. And the payroll credit and payroll-linked credit card facilities advanced 387.7% and 23.5% respectively from December 2020, recording a 73,1% share from the total portfolio (versus 50.4% in December 2020).

Additionally, in line with the strategy of improving client relationship, the personal loan portfolio for account holders increased 104.4%, and already represents 23.2% of total credit portfolio.

“This movement is fundamental to increasing our participation as the main bank of our customer base, extending the contact and relationship points, leveraging the other business units. It’s worth highlighting that this portfolio which we are accelerating allows cross-selling opportunities of others products and services, which potentializes our financial results.”, says Glauber Correa, CEO of Agi.

Service Fees amounted to R$138.1 million in 2021, advancing 83.3%. The life insurance products kept registering cross-selling above 70% with new credit operations. The number of customers receiving their benefits through Agi more than doubled (+114%) and we reached the mark of 3.6 million clients served. Adding to this, there was growth of 98.4% in demand deposits, compared to 2020, reaching more than R$135.5 million in December 2021.

“We had an impressive growth throughout this year, regarding our client base, expansion of smart hubs, as well as our high-quality assets, which have brought Agi to a new level. As such, we decided to strengthen the governance as we delegate the position of CEO to someone with resolute leadership skills, discipline, and commitment to results, who represents very well our culture and reinforces our client-centered omnichannel digital bank business model”, comments Marciano Testa, Agi’s Executive Chairman. In 2021, 197 smart hubs were opened, reaching 883 total units spread throughout Brazil.


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