Agibank announces VINCI Partners as new partner

The Bank will receive R$ 400 million in initial investment to accelerate the construction of a one stop shop omnichannel platform for the 50+ years old public


São Paulo, September of 2020 – Agibankan omnichannel digital bank offering solutions to improve and facilitate people’s daily and financial lives, announces Vinci Partners as a new shareholder, after a private equity initial investment. The deal totalized a 400 million brazilian reais and confers minority position to the new partner. It will make Agibank’s equity reach 1 billion brazilian reais and boost its growth, amplifying investments in technology to consolidate its one stop shop omnichannel platform for the 50+ public, which is its core business.

The Bank, which has been recording asset growth in the order of 43.7% in the last 5 years, started this process many months ago, appointing Vinci due to the synergy in culture values and long-term vision. “We are happy to announce the result of this primary round of private placement, which was successful from the strategic point of view and also for establishing Vinci as our partner, sharing the same understanding of the business and its long-term vision”, comments Marciano Testa, CEO of Agibank.

The digital bank intends to accelerate the expansion of its channels and products, making the whole service journey evermore digitalized, as well as strengthening its omnichannel relationship bank strategy and offering a one stop shop platform for the seniors. In figures, this translates into an addressable market of 50 million people, which grows by 10% every year. “We want to develop Agibank into the best payroll bank for the 50+ public and give access to a banking platform designed for them, to who our value offer is unbeatable and sustainable in the long-term”, Marciano adds.

A highlighted evidence is the NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 80 points recently achieved among 50+ clients that receive their payroll benefits at Agibank, who represents 75% of the current base. With R$ 2.8 billion of total assets and comfortable liquidity and capital positions, Agibank registered net income of R$ 38.7 million in the first half of 2020 – growing 178.4% compared to the previous year – and return on average equity (ROAE) of 21.9%, and even return on average assets (ROAA) of 4.3%.

The alignment of values has been present ever since the beginning of contact with Agibank. “Vinci is very excited in supporting the next stage of Agibank’s growth. We identified a unique strategic vision, a strong customer centered culture and a very consistent results history. We expect to contribute in the construction of an unparalleled bank”, says Gabriel Felzenszwalb, partner of Vinci.

With nationwide operations, the bank has serviced over 2.7 million clients in an omnichannel strategy and expects to propel its presence even more. “Alongside Vinci we will continue our journey of growth in the level of 30% per year for a long time, consolidating our operations as a relationship bank, with a complete portfolio and value proposition for our addressable market, nevertheless contributing to the financial alphabetization and digital inclusion of these people”, Marciano complements.

The company’s digital channels usage by its customer base has achieved 45%, compared to a global average of 8% for elder people. Recently, Agibank has also opened its anti-agency, the brand’s flagship store, with a customer experienced designed directly for this public, offering a digital experience even in the physical outlet. “We are going to create an omnichannel platform for the 50+ and consolidate our presence in this market, truly making people’s everyday lives better”, the CEO adds.

The advisory for Agibank throughout the whole operation, which will be submitted for approval by the Brazilian Central Bank, was the investment bank Goldman Sachs.


About Agibank

Agibank is a full-service bank that embraces each customer’s needs as the most important element to be addressed. Digital always, onsite whenever customers need it to be, the Bank offers simple and reasonably priced products and services to streamline the financial lives of thousands of Brazilians. For those who prefer to handle things digitally, there is the App, Internet banking, chat and a relationship center that is always on call. For those who do not want to relinquish one-on-one service, there are more than 600 service outlets across Brazil, plus 2 thousand consultants available to address issues and offer solutions. Our portfolio includes upkeep charge-free checking accounts, credit and debit cards, credit facilities, investments, purchase pools, and insurance. A network of partners provides over 30 thousand ATMs and more than 2 million establishments certified to accept payments using QR Codes. For Agibank, a bank must be like life is: sometimes digital, sometimes physical, never imposing, making people’s daily lives better.


About Vinci Partners

Vinci Partners is an alternative investments platform, specialized in asset management, wealth management and financial advisory. Vinci operates independently and globally, with offices located in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Recife and New York. Currently, Vinci counts with more than 210 professionals and has approximately R$ 43 billion of assets under management in different classes. The company has a long tradition on private equity in Brazil, with a strategy focused on revenues, productivity and profitability growth. Vinci has invested more than R$ 4.7 billion in companies from different sectors, through many economic cycles, always seeking the increase of efficiency of the businesses invested in, with total alignment of interests between partners, managers and investors. Currently, funds managed by Vinci Partners are shareholders of Burger King, Austral, Le Biscuit, CBO, Uniasselvi, Domino’s, Cura, Vero, Mundo do Cabeleireiro, Camarada Camarão, AFC e Vitale. More details at