Agibank is now Agi: learn everything about the new superapp of products and services

After more than two decades as a financial institution, Agibank expanded its reach and got a new name: Agi. Now, beyond banking services, it’s possible to shop with cashback, invest with the help of specialists for free and much more. Everything in a single app.

The change came to welcome and include different kinds of audiences with digital services. Because of this, the superapp is open, for free and simple of use. With tree clicks, its possible to open a new checkings account.

“Agi comes up to be the platform where Brazilians will solve their daily necessities in a simple way, focused on the clients and in the services that they consume”, explains the CEO form Agi, Marciano Testa.

Our clients just have to access the app store and download for free Agi’s app, follow a few steps and enjoy the products and services on the platform.

Agi Shopping: cashback in more than 320 stores

One of the channels from Agi app, Agi Compras has more than 320 stores with cashback. Among the partners, it’s possible find big brands like Americanas, ShopTime, Centauro and Casas Bahia, besides supermarkets, drugstores, and airlines. Besides the cashback in all purchases, our clients can receive discount coupons to save money.

Agi Investments: advisory for free and zero fees

Whoever wants to invest has a place in Agi. Agi Investimentos, which is part of the app, has more than a thousand products, free advisory and no fees to offer greater earnings. In other words, there’s no more excuses for using a traditional savings accounts.

There are more than 650 investments funds, besides fixed income, like CBD and Treasury bonds, and the stock market. Furthermore, Agi Investimentos has international shipping and exchange via delivery, among other services.

Agi Checking Account: open with 3 steps

The banking services remain available in the new app, one of which is the checking account: super easy, allows the opening of an account just with 3 simple steps. Also, it will be possible to ask for a credit card, make payments and receive money through platform. All with just a few taps on the client’s mobile screen.

Agi Community: listen to offer better

To offer a better experience for clients, Agi wants to be closer to those who use its services and products. As such, we created a community where users can rate the app, give constructive feedback, and contribute with suggestions. The goal is to help qualify even more the superapp,  and from the exchange of ideas amplify the offer of products and services. To know more, access (Portuguese only).

In person assistance to help whoever needs

Besides the superapp, Agi has more than 820 physical hubs, assisting those who need help to use digital services. At these hubs, clients are helped by consultants, who provide information and care. They can also contract personal and payroll loans.

Another feature of the hubs is that customers can take a look at some of the products available at Agi Compras in a digital display. Everything to make life easier for those who want to consume the products and use Agi’s services.

Journey marked by innovation

Anyone who sees so much news might think that Agi has just shown up, but this story started a long time ago. The journey began two decades ago, always marked by innovation in the offering of services. Agibank, for example, was the first to offer payment of digital bills via QR Code, much before Pix arrived.

Now, Agi wants to bring digital and financial inclusion to all Brazilians: from students to retirees, from small businesses owners to investors.

Group companies support expansion

To support the expansion of services, Agi has two companies that are part of the same group: HypeFlame and These guarantee the technological structure, in addition to the production and distribution of content to our target audiences.

HypeFlame, which emerged from Agibank’s technology area, is responsible for the entire technological and innovation structure of the group., which is an agency specializing in content, paid media, business intelligence and audience performance, takes care of audience engagement with Agi.