Agibank issues BRL 250 million in Financial Bills, with strong demand

The digital bank Agibank announces the issuing of BRL 250 million in Financial Bills, at a rate CDI +2.7% per year. The demands for bills was strong and reached almost double the offer, attracting interest from institutional investors, asset managers and bank treauries.

The funds will be used for executing the bank’s operations, to diversify its funding sources and to fund credit operations, among other uses, corroborating with the high growth strategy set for the next years. The offer was given the Long-Term National rating ‘BBB+(bra)’ by Fitch Ratings. The Financial Bills will have BRL 100 thousand in nominal unit value and 2 years and 10 days term to maturity, counted from the issuing date, and had Itaú BBA as the coordinating bank.

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