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CNPJ/MF No. 10.664.513/0001-50

NIRE 43300059898

Publicly-held Company







Porto Alegre, September 19, 2018 – Banco Agibank S.A. (“Bank” or “Agibank”), a technology company offering financial products and services for promoting financial inclusion to Brazilians, either at the margin of, or inadequately served by, traditional banking institutions, announces that risk-ratings agency Fitch Ratings has assigned to Agibank, on September 18, 2018, the initial rating “BBB(bra)” – National Long-Term Rating, Outlook Stable.


According to the report, initial national ratings with a stable outlook reflect Fitch’s understanding that the Bank enjoys a comfortable capital position, and high return above that of its peers. According to Fitch, “high internal capital generation, together with an adequate level of dividends distribution, has been able to support the rapid operations growth displayed, particularly in the past five years.”


“Achievement of this rating and of the stable outlook assigned by Fitch shows that Agibank’s growth strategy is sound and sustainable. We will continue to offer bold and disruptive solutions to our customers, based on a consistent business model that guarantees the quality of our assets,” says Agibank CEO Marciano Testa.


Agibank’s Investor Relations area remains available for additional information by telephone at (55) (51) 3921-1301 or by e mail at




Paulino Ramos Rodrigues

CFO and Investor Relations Officer

Banco Agibank S.A.