Moody’s Local Assigned Rating BBB+ to Agi

Campinas, December 23rd, 2021 – Agi, omnichannel platform that democratizes access to financial and non-financial products for millions of Brazilians, announces that Moody’s Local – an agency specializing in risk ratings, has assigned to Banco Agibank an initial issuer rating of “”, with stable outlook.

Moody’s highlights that “Agi’s liquidity is adequate, being that its main funding source is time deposits, representing 69% of total funding in September 2021. Additionally, since September 2020, the bank has had Vinci Partners as a minority shareholder who, besides supporting Agi’s expressive growth through capital contributions, also contributes to the improvement of its corporate governance.”

Moreover, the rating agency commented on the factors that lead to expect positive results in 2022: “(…) in view of (i) the protection of spreads promoted by Agi’s asset and liability management, through hedges of cash flow from its liabilities position; (ii) maintenance of the downward trend in defaulting levels, considering the evolution of the loan portfolio mix, with a growing share of the payroll loan portfolio and personal credit for account holders; (iii) greater participation of smart hubs in the origination of new credits which, together with the maturation of the hubs opened throughout 2021, reduce pressure on administrative expenses and increase the company’s operating efficiency.”

Click here to read the full report. (Portuguese Only)