Operational Preview 1H21

São Paulo, July 14, 2021 – Banco Agibank S.A’. (“Bank” or “Agibank”), a customer-obstinate digital bank offering solutions to improve and facilitate people’s daily and financial lives, announces the first half 2021 operational preview (1H21). The following information is preliminary, unaudited and subject to revision.


Following the best disclosure practices and in order to extend the understanding of our business’s evolution, in this quarter we will begin disclosing the highlights of our 6 business units:

    In Jun/21 we recorded 3.0 million clients serviced and growth of 106.0% YoY in the number of accounts with salary, providing us with principality and cross-selling opportunities;
    • We reached 801 hubs distributed across Brazil, with the opening of more than 100 hubs in just 6 months. Our hubs are a gateway for assisted digitalization, offering to our clients connectivity, learning and a sense of belonging, inside an omnichannel experiencel;
    • Demand deposits grew +174.9% in Jun/21 YoY, and we will continue to advance in this source of funding;
    • The digital transactions volume was up 147.6% in 1H21 from 1H20, indicating a significant gain in customer usage of the Bank’s products and services, together with a 13.3% decrease in the cost per transaction, indicative of the capture of economies of scale;
    • Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) reached 75 points in March and remained above 70 points throughout 2021, significantly exceeding the banking industry’s average. In addition, our digital channels usage ratio for the 50-plus public lives at 45%, a global average of 8%;;
    • We were recognized by CardMonitor as the company with the best solution in the market, reaching 95.8%, ahead of retailers and traditional and digital banks;
    • Credit origination surpassed R$ 3.3 billion in 1H21, which represents an advance of 158.6% per day compared to the same period of 2020;
    • Our payroll-deductible loans origination represented approximately 8.9% of the total market origination in Jun/21, representing a market share of 0.47% in terms of portfolio;
    • Credit Portfolio reached R$ 3.7 billion, growing 125.6% YoY, highlighting the core portfolios: personal credit to accountholders, payroll-deductible loans and payroll-deductible credit cards;
    • The share of the credit portfolio whose customers’ income derives from a Federal payments source reached 97.2% of the total portfolio in Jun/21;
    • Decrease of 15.4% of the average interest rate on non-payroll loans in Jun/21, compared to the same period of the previous year. The trajectory of reducing interest rates is in line with our purpose of promoting financial justice and facilitating access to credit for thousands of Brazilians.
    • We finished Jun/21 with more than 381 thousand lives insured, growing 58.4% YoY and 18.0% over Dec/20, with average insuree age of 60 years;
    • Life insurance Cross Selling of 90.5% in new contracts from 2Q21;
    • Collection of R$ 32.4 million in life insurance premiums in 1H21, growing 50.7% compared to 1H20;
    Our new investments platform – a complete solution in fixed and variable income products, investment funds and government bonds – is in a testing period, with the following results so far:

    • Growth of +1,015.0% in AuC (Assets under Custody) from May/21 to Jun/21;
    • Average ticket of approximately R$ 124.0 thousand per customer.
    Our marketplace was launched at the end of the first semester, and is already available to the general public through the website So far, we have already achieved:

    • Approximately 4,000 registered users, with an average ticket of R$ 793.0 per purchase;
    • Our customers have already received an average of 4.0% Cashback per purchase.
  6. TECH
    HypeFlame is our independent technology and software development company, focused on developing SAAS products and providing tech solutions for Agi’s ecosystem. The highlights of the first half of the year were:

    • Hiring of 247 new flames (HypeFlame employees) in the first half of 2021;
    • In Jun/21 we carried out the first sale of HypeFlame technology services outside the Agi ecosystem, to a telecommunications company operating nationwide, starting our advances in the huge and growing addressable market for technology;
    • Launch of several initiatives, aimed at retaining, disseminating and developing professionals and the tech culture throughout Brazil:

      HypeFlame Talks: cycle of conversations conducted by HypeFlame employees and open to the public, monthly issues with themes related to the tech world – from hard to soft;

      HypeFlame Academy: online course platform with high-end, cost-effective tech tracks with content curated by HypeFlame experts;

      HypeFlame Start: development and training program at the beginning stage that seeks to attract, train and win over new talent in technology.