Results – 2Q18


  • Agibank recorded 175 thousand new customers between April and June 2018 of which 126 thousand opened accounts, the Bank thus registering 745 thousand customers and 266 thousand accounts at the end of 2Q18;
  • Result of Financial Intermediation grew 5% in 2Q18 versus 2Q17, reaching R$ 259.2 million, with a Net Financial Margin of 68.2%;
  • Net Income amounted to R$ 48.5 million in 2Q18, reaching a Net Margin of 18.7%, 2.2 p.p. more than 2Q17;
  • In 2Q18, the Bank reported R$ 6.6 million in Non-Recurring Expenses, relating to the preparation for the IPO;
  • Recurring Net Income, which excludes Non-Recurring Expenses, amounted to R$ 52.3 million in 2Q18, equivalent to a Recurring Net Margin of 2%, 3.7 p.p. higher than 2Q17;
  • Operating Efficiency Ratio was 7% in 2Q18, a year-on-year improvement of 2.7 p.p.;
  • Credit Portfolio reached R$ 1,515.6 million in the period, an increase of 8% in relation to 2Q17;
  • Opening of 63 outlets in the second quarter to reach 522 units at quarter end;
  • Net Equity were R$ 431.7 million in the period, growth of 9% compared with 2Q17;
  • Return on Average Equity (ROAE) was 1% in 2Q18, 9.5 p.p. higher than 2Q17;
  • Return on Average Assets (ROAA) was 9% in the quarter, an increase of 0.2 p.p. in relation to 2Q17.


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